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Discussion in 'Support' started by dcc, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. dcc

    dcc Administrator Staff Member

    Dear XVM Labs users,

    We would like to inform you that over the next 12 months XVM Labs brand will be gradually closing down.

    More specifically, we will disable service renewals across XVM Labs platform - however - all clients will be able to keep their VPS until the end of the paid period.

    As you may know, OpenVZ 6 will reach EOL status in November 2019, and investing any more effort in OpenVZ-related development just does not make sense at this point. In fact, we stopped all development for our OpenVZ backend in Q1 2017 (one year ago), and since then we've been focusing our efforts solely on KVM technology. We will not be using OpenVZ 7 in our environment as we see no practical sense to do so. Since OpenVZ and KVM are very different platforms, there is no reliable migration path from OpenVZ to KVM - though at XVM Labs price point switching all customers to KVM is unfortunately not feasible - regardless of technical obstacles.

    We would like to thank everyone for sticking with XVM Labs for almost 4 years and we hope you can find new home for your awesome projects!

    P.S. We will be sending e-mail notifications to all customers in the next few days.

    EDIT: If your renewal date is within the next 30 days (before March 10), and you'd like more time to move, feel free to request an extension of service in this topic.

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  2. Ismail Fazal

    Ismail Fazal New Member

    @dcc thanks for the service for this long at this dirt cheap rate, it was better than high priced premium vps, can i know when and where would you, be offering KVM based vps. Would love to use your KVM service.
  3. dcc

    dcc Administrator Staff Member

    You are very welcome!

    We are currently offering KVM-based VPS at our Bandwagon Host website: https://bandwagonhost.com/
    Though the $19.99/year one is out of stock most of the time due to overwhelming demand.
  4. zwt

    zwt New Member

    @dcc: can we move over the IPs to one of the Bandwagon Host servers? or in case we buy a new server there can you migrate the IPs?
  5. dcc

    dcc Administrator Staff Member

    @zwt Unfortunately it is not possible to move the IPs (they're assigned to different physical equipment).
  6. maszd

    maszd New Member

    Hi @dcc
    Thank you very much for your cheap vps with great support, i was 3 times extended my vps,, so sad for this news :( hope future you make other vps like this one.

    Best regards,
  7. CoolMoon

    CoolMoon New Member

    I also have OpenVZ VPS at bandwagon. Are they going to be closing down too?
  8. dcc

    dcc Administrator Staff Member

    @maszd you are very welcome.

    @CoolMoon We're seeing clients very quickly dropping their OpenVZ instances in favor of KVM @ Bandwagon Host. At the current rate, by November 2019, we will have just a handful of OpenVZ clients @ Bandwagon Host. I think we will build a few OpenVZ-7 based nodes for those clients & migrate them some time in 2019.
  9. AboutMe

    AboutMe New Member

    This is the saddest hosting news I ever heard in the past several months.

    Thank you for giving us top notch performance for most of the time. Your product is equal to premium range product.

    I wish I can still stay with you. :)

    Btw, mine is till June 30th.
  10. dcc

    dcc Administrator Staff Member

    @AboutMe: Thank you for the kind words!
  11. dcc

    dcc Administrator Staff Member

    Just wanted to add, if your renewal date is within the next 30 days (before March 10), and you'd like more time to move, feel free to request an extension of service in this topic.
  12. AboutMe

    AboutMe New Member

    @dcc can still extend to the end of this year? :)
    I will look for the equal quality replacement as fast as possible.
  13. Malachite

    Malachite New Member

    Hi my plan expiry is before March 10th and I'd like an extension if possible.

    Physical Location:US, Arizona   Node ID: v319   VPS ID: 123862
  14. dcc

    dcc Administrator Staff Member

    We will extend for 1 month (at no cost, as manually billing customers for this would create a lot more work than can be justified). Unfortunately we aren't able to extend for more than 1 month.

    1 month added.
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  15. AboutMe

    AboutMe New Member


    Alright then, here is mine:
    Node ID: v726 VPS ID: 37776

  16. dcc

    dcc Administrator Staff Member

    This one expires mid-2018 (i.e. after March 10)
  17. tarasis

    tarasis New Member

    Thank you @dcc and XVMLabs!

    Really sorry to see this service go, but I completely understand. I can't believe its been 4 years already, I haven't use the server nearly as much as I'd intended to.

    Now I've only got till the middle of May. (I may have looked for a magical "one last renewal" button :0) while looking to see when my service would end)
  18. dcc

    dcc Administrator Staff Member

    @tarasis you're very welcome, wish you all the best!

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